Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Welcome to Three Tarts, a collaborative food blog created by Sarah, Lis, and Tara. The three of us met in grad school seven! years ago and we are constantly talking about our favorite restaurants, recipes, and farmer's market finds. Since we now live in different states, we don't have much chance to eat together, so Three Tarts will be our virtual table (everyone's welcome, of course!).

Tara, Sarah, and Melissa at S's recent wedding--what a lovely bride!

Why Three Tarts?
"Tart" was a silly acronym for our grad. teaching assistant training, so we've been tarts ever since. We do try to keep our tarty behavior to a minimum (except in appropriate circumstances, of course!) Even though a blog entirely devoted to baking tarts would be lovely, we will write about much more than that. Sarah, for instance, is an expert cheese smuggler (nothing lovelier than a visit to Sarah's when she's just returned from France). Tara can pull off just about any recipe (including Martha Stewart's fussy but fabulous pine cone cake). Me? Well, I just like to eat.


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