Friday, January 27, 2006

ricotta walnut cake

I had some leftover ricotta to use up from when Mark made lasagna a while back, so I made this simple little cake yesterday. It's a very spongy batter, with very little flour and a whole lot of whipped egg whites folded in, baked in a springform pan. Other than the ricotta and walnuts, the only thing flavoring it is the zest of an orange, making for a very delicate, subtle cake. After it cooled, I glazed it with apricot jam diluted with a little Grand Marnier (the recipe called for brandy, but I didn't have any, and this worked fine).

It's so good, I just ate a piece for breakfast. mmmm!


Blogger Sarah said...

I have a leftover ricotta story too! I had a couple of cups of the mixture I use inside stuffed shells--ricotta, spinach, mozarella, herbs--which I threw in the freezer when I ran out of shells to stuff. I stumbled across the frozen innards recently and wondered what to do with them (didn't feel like stuffed shells just then). I thawed it out along with some puff pastry, spread the spinach mixture over it, rolled it up, and then sliced into thin pinwheels. After about 12 minutes in the oven on cookie sheets, they were fantastic! Three cheers for leftover ricotta!

4:19 PM  
Blogger lis said...

I love cake for breakfast. My breakfast this morning is pear crisp--yum, yum.

7:42 AM  

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