Sunday, May 21, 2006

my confused aunt

During a mini family reunion in Saint Louis this weekend, I asked my aunt what she thinks of our blog. She admitted to not reading it very often--infrequently enough, in fact, that she had forgotten that there were three separate authors. (And she never noticed our names at the bottom of the posts.) Over the past few months, she's been increasingly disturbed by the number of out-of-town, nay, out-of-state trips that I've been taking with men who aren't my husband. "I didn't know you had become such a backpacking and camping afficionado!" she said to me. "And why is Ed's nickname Will? And when did he become a vegetarian? And why did you go to California with a guy named Mark?" Perhaps we should put a blurb in the margin with an explanation of the three tarts and the Three Tarts!


Blogger lis said...

Sarah, you little tart! yes, perhaps an explanation of our blog collaboration is in order.

10:30 AM  

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