Sunday, January 21, 2007

a tasty salad idea (and Top Chef disappointment)

Just something I made today for lunch: I started with salad greens tossed with a bit of walnut oil and sherry vinegar. Then I toasted a bit of crusty bread, rubbed it with a garlic clove, topped it with some goat cheese, and put that on the greens. Meanwhile, I poached an egg and placed it on top of the goat cheese toast, thus melting the cheese. Then I topped it with a little pepper and a drizzle of white truffle oil. Dee-lish.

The first bite is pleasant enough. Then you break the soft egg yolk and it becomes swoon-worthy. And, of course, I love any excuse to bust out the truffle oil.

I think I've been on a poached-egg kick as a result of watching too much Top Chef. (Is it just me, or are eggs ubiquitous on that show?)

Speaking of which: Are any of you watching this season? I'm not sure whom to root for anymore. That last episode was just so disturbing, so Lord of the Flies. I mean, what is the matter with these people? Sam, Ilan and Elia were just as much to blame as Cliff was for that ugly incident, so part of me thinks they should have just declared Marcel the winner by default. But he's clearly not the best chef, endearing as I may find him. There's no possible outcome that can be satisfying now. If we were only mid-season, I'd just quit watching. But I can't skip the finale now, right?

In any event, if you're a TC fan, listen to this exit interview with Mike at His story about the dentist is hilarious.

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Anonymous Mark said...

Marcel all the way!

5:12 PM  
Blogger lis said...

We don't have cable, so no Top Chef here. But during our New Year's weekend, hanging out in a motel, we did catch an episode of Top Chef and many episodes of No Reservations--both of which I'd be totally addicted to if I had cable at home. Sadly, I'll just have to stick with American Idol.

7:05 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Confession: I've never even heard of Top Chef. (No cable here either.) But my mother records Iron Chef and mails me the videotapes. Does that count for anything?

Your salad sounds very French. They're all about the poached egg on top (which kind of grosses me out, because I'm not a yolky person).

7:39 AM  
Blogger Lisa B. said...

Listen up, you cable-less foodies: Top Chef is worth getting cable for!

11:43 AM  

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