Sunday, April 29, 2007

meet our farmer

The guy who runs the CSA farm where we're shareholders this year, Leigh Hauter at Bull Run Mountain Farm, keeps a blog. He writes about what it's like when your livelihood depends on the whims of nature, he keeps us updated on the progress of this year's crop, he tells stories about the history of his land and the neighbors, and he's a pretty decent storyteller to boot.

It's no small thing to say these are the people who'll largely be feeding us this summer and fall, and I love it that we're getting such a unique link to where our food is grown. Today we're going out to the farm to pick some asparagus and sorrel, as it's sort of a designated "come out and see the farm" day. So we get to meet our farmers! I'm excited.


Blogger Sarah said...

Make sure to take pictures! And I love the idea of reading your farmer's blog.

9:39 AM  

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