Saturday, March 04, 2006

a plethora of pulchritudinous periodicals promoting peas, pizza, and persimmons

So now that I'm a public library volunteer, I'm on the distribution list for announcements like the magazine sale: bundles of a year's worth of all the magazines the library subscribes to are available for $2. I was there early Thursday morning (and then again this morning, discovering that they replenish the stock as bundles are purchased) to take advantage of the best selection. Even though they're five years old, for less than a quarter per magazine, it's worth it. So now I have about sixty cooking and gardening magazines to peruse at my leisure and clip to my delight and satisfaction! Over the past few days, I picked up the following 2001 issues: Cooks Illustrated, Herb Companion, Organic Gardening, Vegetarian Times, Food and Wine, and Gourmet. (Oh, okay, I bought the Oprah magazine too, 'cause she rocks.) Don't ask me when I'll read them all.


Blogger William Conway said...

Holy cow. A year's worth of Cooks Illustrated is worth WAY more than $2. Good deal. Too bad I'm 3000 miles away.

11:59 AM  

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