Sunday, October 08, 2006

those darn food bloggers

The Rocky Mountain News published an article on October 4 about restaurants' opinions of food bloggers ("Camera-toting diners make eateries uneasy" by Jon Bonn of the San Francisco Chronicle). Apparently many don't like the fact that we carry cameras and photograph our food and then provide reviews online. They worry about reduced privacy for other diners and increased scrutiny of their own meals. (Yet few restaurants have made rules against cameras.) I would argue, though, that any blog exposure is free advertising for the restaurant, even if it's a negative review! It goes without saying that some blog restaurant reviews are amateurish or poorly written--but I've also seen reviews published in newspapers that don't tell me anything I couldn't get off of the menu.

This quote made me laugh: Chef Chris Consentino states, "When somebody pulls out a camera, we know they're a food blogger." Interestingly, Thomas Keller of the highly acclaimed French Laundry welcomes bloggers; at least one person photographs his food there per day. Me, on the other hand, I never whip out my camera at a place where I feel I would incur stares if I started taking pictures of my plate. I can't imagine doing so at an upscale restaurant. What do y'all think about the proliferation of camera-wielding food bloggers?


Blogger Gabriella True said...

I rarely do it. I think I have done it only once actually. I got great pics but it was outside and great light.

Basically, these chefs love to control their domain and when we come in and snap pictures in a way that makes their food less than perfect bc we are not professional photographers, then we take some of their control away. pfft.

And no one can tell me that taking a few snapshots is more annoying than people talking on their cell phones in a restaurant. pfft.

9:20 AM  
Blogger lis said...

I think the restaurants should appreciate the publicity. I tend to rarely take pictures when I eat out mainly because I sometimes it diminishes my own eating experience--I focus more on getting good lighting than enjoying the food.

8:48 PM  

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