Sunday, October 22, 2006

thought about applying to be a restaurant reviewer...

...but now the job posting's not listed any more. My friend Estela, a freelance writer, let me know that the Boulder Weekly, a free paper, was looking for a writer to do restaurant reviews and food-related features. They wanted a CV and some samples via email, so I spent some time picking out which Three Tarts posts best show off my food writing abilities and telling myself that my handful of publications in academic books and journals made me look particularly credible. (Yeah, right. The audiences are so similar.) Then I got sick and didn't move off the couch for two days, after which Mr. Tart and I went out of town. So tonight I sit down to compose a cover letter and fiddle with my CV. "Better check the ad again," I counsel myself. "Make sure you know exactly what they're looking for." But I'll never know--the ad has been removed from Craig's List (where it was posted online) and from the BW web site--even though there was a print ad for it in Thursday's edition!

Mr. Tart very sensibly suggests that I contact them anyway to find out if they're still taking applications and also if they're looking for freelancers (which would probably fit into my life more easily than regular deadlines). And I probably will--as soon as I emerge from the huge pile of grading that I've been buried in for the past week and a half (two classes' rough drafts of compositions, chapter exams, and activity reports, on top of daily homework assignments, which must all be finished before I collect the final drafts of the compositions this week)!

Any advice? (Besides making my class assessments all multiple choice next semester, that is.)


Blogger lis said...

advice on managing all the work or applying for the writing job? sadly, I have no advice about managing the work as I am also buried under a ton of grading. Scantron--it's definitely the way to go!

But Mr. Tart is right. You should contact them.

3:46 PM  
Blogger kitchenmage said...

I'd write a cute pseudo-review about seeing up to a restaurant you'd always wanted to go to on Craig's List and then going back to find it and it being gone. Be your marvelous self. Kick ass.

2:39 AM  

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