Monday, November 26, 2007

no pie day this year

Usually, this is the time of year I provide a list of all of the pies I made for the family Thanksgiving, but alas, there was no pie day this year. Will and I decided to head down to Southern Utah for a camping trip instead of having a traditional Thanksgiving--the first time in my life I haven't had the usual meal. We spent Thanksgiving night in a motel, watching deliciously bad reality tv and eating a semblance of a Thanksgiving dinner: turkey sandwiches, pumpkin empanadas, and beaujolais. It wasn't bad and the pumpkin empanadas gave us breakfast for the next two mornings. I was a little glum about missing the pie, because when else can you justify baking seven pies at one time? But the camping was lovely--great scenery, sometimes warm weather, and perfect hiking (although there were way more people around than I expected).

Luckily, friends decided to gather before Thanksgiving for a pie party, so I feel that my pie lust was satisfied--you can read about the party over at Hightouchmegastore.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I'd love to hear about your meals.

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Blogger Sarah said...

Mr. Tart and I went to Green Bay to visit my family. We did indeed celebrate "Miles Standish Day" with my cousins at a grill-your-own-steakhouse, and then my parents hosted 27 people for Thanksgiving dinner and the Green Bay Packers game. The potlucked food was traditional and plentiful (turkey, good gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with pecans and syrup, good old green bean casserole), and the only pies were pumpkin and apple (we also had chocolate cheesecake and my mother-in-law's almond paste pound cake with cranberries).

Details about cheese curds to follow!

Lis, any time you have a hankering to cook multiple pies, you're welcome to come visit! You can give me a piecrust tutorial and then we'll freeze all the pies we can't eat. Are you free next weekend?

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