Saturday, December 29, 2007

time to thai one on!

We had a particularly delicious Supper Club dinner earlier this year. This time the theme was coconut milk--I mean, "dishes from Thailand"--and they were rich and flavorful! Appetizers included Thai-spiced pickled veggies and deep-fried fish balls. Here's one of the main courses, chicken with veggies and coconut milk,

and perhaps everyone's favorite dish of the evening, shrimp curry with coconut milk (both prepared by Cynde and Todd).

Or perhaps Katie and Aaron's velvety coconut milk chicken soup was the favorite?

Mr. Tart and I provided dessert. Our lemongrass sorbet never quite froze, so I called it a "lemongrass icee" and served it in glasses,

but the sticky rice with, yes, sweet coconut milk sauce and mango was a success!

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